Your team has been caught under the radar of a Rogue Medic who has been performing fatal experiments on wounded soldiers, all under the guise of a military emergency outpost.

Before you can realize that you have been lured here purposely, the door slams shut and are now part of his dangerous game.

Can you piece together the surrounding mysteries and find a way out to save yourselves from becoming his next victims?

This is a 90 minute escape game with a difficulty level of 7/10


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A multiple homicide has occurred in downtown Buffalo, New York and you have been hired by the notorious Magaddino Mafia.

In a race against time, your team of experts must hack secure facilities and solve the crime before the cops can apprehend the perpetrators and hand over their cushy sentence...

This is a 90 minute escape game with a difficulty level of 8/10



The Cairns Riddle Room hosts a real world adventure game in which the players are locked in a room and must use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within the time limit!

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You are a locked inside a room, escape! You and your team will be given 90 minutes to apply your wit and intuition in a unique series of puzzles and riddles based on the environment. Get out before time runs out.

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Your team is comprised of up to 7 people. In order to escape the room in time you must trust each other and work as one, or you will fail. Team work is critical. Suggestion: Choose your team wisely.