What do you do in an escape room?

In an escape room you are required to use all of your senses and team work in order to solve lingual, visual, mathematical, spatial and physical puzzles located in the room. Solving the puzzles will provide clues which will help you to progress through the game and eventually escape the room. Each room is different and is designed in consideration of it's demographic properties. Active searching, determination & resolution are all necessary traits to consider when selecting your team.

How many guests can participate in a room?

A maximum of 7 people can participate in each room at a time and a minimum of 3 people is recommended. Due to the difficulty of the puzzles, teams with only 2 participants are not advised to attempt our rooms. Please consider the personal comfort zone of each of your team members, prior to reserving group numbers, our premises is not excessively large.

What is the recommended age?

The puzzles could be challenging so participants should be at least 14 years old. However, under 14’s are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Some children are quite skilled in rationalization and may be more successful than others so, age cannot necessarily determine a person's suitability. It is however designed to challenge an adults senses and the themes may be reflective of this.

Do people jump out at you?

When you book a session it remains entirely reserved for who you choose to place in there. No extra people are in the room, but there still remains a number of surprises!

Are food and drinks allowed?

No food or drinks are allowed in the room and Alcohol may not be consumed on the premises.

Will I really be locked in?

The emergency exit will always be open so that you can leave anytime. If you decide to use this exit, it will be considered an unsuccessful attempt.

What happens when the clock runs out?

Unfortunately it’s over. Once the clock runs down the door will be unlocked and you will have to try again another time.

What happens if I get stuck on a puzzle?

Game masters will be on hand to assist you and direct you if necessary. We use real-time Software to monitor & communicate with each team on a unique level. The hints we provide are not standardized, as each group interacts differently, so please remain patient while we determine what the most suitable context would be for your team... this can take up to 10 seconds at a time.

Sorry, we cannot provide self-help tablets with pre-set answers on them as this would compromise integrity and become unfair to other teams on the leader board.

Can we bring extra people on the day?

Yes, you are welcome to bring extra people, you will simply have to pay the difference upon arrival. However, extra participants exceeding the 7 person maximum, will have to pay for an additional session at the standard rates and may also have to wait for availability.

Can we swap group members on the day?

Yes, as long as it fits the package you have paid for.